Our offices would remain closed on the occasion of Christmas and New Year from 23rd December 2017 till 1st January 2018. In case of exigencies , you could write to support@onqanet.com and / or call @ our support numbers :- Australia - +61 8 8121 7866, USA - +1 256 812 1786, India +91 9903065877
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Onqaholidays.com is one of the fastest emerging travel & tour brands of Onqanet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which focuses on creating travel memories. We do keep our self away from the crowd and our team of travel gurus’ design and draft selective travel itineraries for specific crowd ONLY. We do not deal with ticketing, hotel bookings, car rentals etc. & focus on picking up a destination post an interview which would give us a flavour of your taste, budget, level of excitement for the upcoming experience. We than get to work buying sometime to get you ready for a life time memory. We are not cheap , neither do we charge a penny which is not justifiable.

In today’s world, travel packages are mere results of high competition, copy and paste packages,  following the same set of destinations with a little variation on stay, hence, we design itineraries for places which are actually visited by our travel experts and would only come to the table if we found something special at those earlier visited places.

Our core focus is to make you experience the beauty of Bengal, a lifetime experience at the Andaman’s and the to get you lost at the world’s most talked about travel destination – DUBAI

Adeeba E Services Pvt. Ltd is a globally reputed company providing best of class IT solution services to clients around the world. In the next decade, the fundamentals of the retail sector will change in a big way. The time will come when every retail store requires its own eCommerce website and customers will have options of where, how, and what to purchase in-store or online, for take away or delivered. This is a very exciting time for the retail industry; we need to get ready for it.
The ability to transform the face of retail across the world depends on us. We have a huge canvas to work with, and it is already an established fact that we are doing much better than others in the industry. We are in the process of transforming the future of commerce, so come and be a part of changing world with Adeeba-E-Services.

V1 Technologies is one of the most trusted and reliable web and mobile app development companies in UK. We have established ourselves as the most reliable brands through continuous learning and offering innovative solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our team of professionals are highly qualified and skilled and are extremely persistent in their search for further knowledge in their respective fields.

Cloud7 Services is a fast-growing Web design and development company from Bangkok that delivers result driven solutions for businesses and end users. We provide end to end solutions through services such as customized web design & development, web & mobile application development, Cloud backup, phone support etc. All of our services are provided through experts with vast industry experience, and extensive technical knowledge. If you are looking for high quality web and digital services, Cloud7 Services can help you out.

Mahvish Group is an internationally reputed IT solutions provider. It offers all-inclusive IT solutions, 24/7 remote technical support and outsourcing. The company has established itself as one of the top IT solutions service provider. At Mahvish Group, we rely on extensive market research and advanced analytics to formulate advanced strategies, for our growing list of global clients. Our experts are equipped with the latest technical knowhow, years of top level industry experience and innovative ideas to help you reach your IT powered goals. Our solutions are quite flexible and cost effective and can be availed by organizations of all sizes. We believe in creating and delivering solutions that are effective in the long run. We consult with our clients regarding their exact IT needs and provide in-depth strategies to help them achieve financial and statistical growth. Through our skilled workforce, endless innovation, result-oriented action plans, and constant drive for excellence, we have evolved as the number one IT solution choice for a large number of global organizations.